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"I Don’t Even Think About My Teeth Anymore With My Dental Implants."

I couldn’t stand my smile. I had some health issues and some medication that deteriorated my teeth over time and made my mouth a mess. And they had to pull about half of them and I had a partial put in.

I had some health issues and some medication that deteriorated my teeth over time and made my mouth a mess.

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Dr. Bennion:

She was not doing well especially with her upper partial. It didn’t look that good. It was not stable. It was uncomfortable when she’d eat. It would move and food would get under it. She was just completely dissatisfied with that mode of treatment. So we talked to her about our options of having the remaining teeth out and having a denture or doing implants for an overdenture or for an all-on-four. She liked to do an all-on-four.


The partial, you have to remove to clean, morning and night, little bits of food could get stuck under there which gets very uncomfortable if you’re in the middle of eating. With this, it’s treated like regular teeth. I brush normally and you don’t have to remove anything, I eat normally.

Dr. Bennion:

So we got all the information we needed to do a bridge for her, and then we scheduled her for surgery. At the time of surgery, we removed all of her upper teeth, and in the areas that we had pre-planned, we put in implants. In her case, it was six implants. On the same day, we put a temporary bridge and…


They tried to help me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Everybody was there beside me and it was great. The doctors kept me laughing most of the time, in spite of that horrible anxiety when it comes to the dentist.

Dr. Bennion:

She has been very happy since then. She is still in her temporary bridge and it looks beautiful. In a few more months, we will rescan her jaws and make a brand new bridge, that’s a little more durable and long-lasting.


The biggest thing is I’m not hiding my face anymore. I’m not lying to hide my smile. That’s a really big thing because for years, I always kind of hid it. I don’t even think about it anymore. I am so thankful for everyone here at Premier Choice Dental and everything they’ve done to help make my life better.

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