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When Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?

If you’re living with a severe toothache due to an untreated oral condition, or you have suffered dental trauma, a tooth extraction may be the best solution for you. Keeping a damaged or infected tooth in your mouth long-term can lead to serious systemic issues. At Premier Choice Dental Center, our goal is to preserve your natural teeth as long as possible, but in some cases, teeth don’t respond to more conservative treatment and need to be removed. You may also need your third molars (also known as “wisdom teeth”) removed if they become impacted, as this impaction can cause severe jaw pain and even damage your other teeth.

For all these reasons, we provide tooth extractions in Belgrade, MT to quickly remedy your pain and restore your smile to its ideal state. With multiple sedation options, a professional and relaxing atmosphere, and multiple third-party financing options, we strive to make your dental extraction go as smoothly and gently as possible.

Keeping a damaged or infected tooth in your mouth long-term can lead to serious systemic issues.

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Benefits of Tooth Extractions

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General Toothaches

At your initial consultation with our expert dentists, we will examine the problem tooth (or teeth) and determine the ideal course of action. If we determine that a tooth extraction is the best solution for you, we’ll go ahead and schedule you for oral surgery.

During your second appointment, we will first ensure that you’re comfortable. We offer local anesthetic, as well as a wide variety of sedation dentistry options in order to provide you with the most pleasant experience possible. Aside from some mild pressure and pushing in their jaw, our patients report being pain-free during their procedures.

We then use forceps to gently remove the problem tooth, being careful to leave your gums, bone tissue and neighboring teeth undisturbed. Our oral surgery team is highly experienced in tooth extractions, and we complete them efficiently and professionally. Before you know it, your tooth will be gone! You may need to take over-the-counter pain medication for discomfort over the following several days, but the root cause of your tooth and jaw pain will have been removed!

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We always strive to preserve a natural tooth, however, if untreatable the best way to relieve your toothache and preserve your health may be a tooth extraction.

Your Post-Extraction Recovery

After any tooth extraction, you need to take special care of the area to ensure that the healing process goes as well as possible. A blood clot usually forms over the empty tooth socket during healing. If this doesn’t happen, or if the clot comes out, the bone and nerves below the socket can become exposed. This results in a painful complication called dry socket. You can avoid this by following the detailed post-extraction instructions we’ll go over with you after your surgery.

In most cases, we also recommend that the tooth extraction is only the first step. You can reduce jawbone loss and improve your chewing and biting power by replacing your missing tooth. Premier Choice Dental Center offers a variety of fixed and removable tooth replacement, including implants, partial dentures, crowns and bridges.

One solution for missing teeth that we recommend is dental implants. These permanent tooth replacements look and act just like your natural teeth, and because they attach directly to your jawbone, they allow you to eat an unlimited diet. It will be as if you had never had a tooth removed!

Don’t let a toothache or impacted wisdom teeth cause problems in your life.

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