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"It Was Easy For Me To Get Full Arch Dental Implant Treatment At Premier Choice Dental Center."

I was a pastor for 33 years. Before I had my brain injury, I had epilepsy, childhood epilepsy. The medication erodes the enamel I lost all my teeth throughout the years, so by the time I got to the doctors here, I had about half my teeth.

The medication erodes the enamel I lost all my teeth throughout the years, so by the time I got to the doctors here, I had about half my teeth.

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Randy McHenry:

So Tom came in to see us, same deal, had some broken down missing dentition, having troubles eating. He also let us know right away that he’s got some disabilities and struggling with his teeth. It was making his life more complicated and harder for him. So they needed a solution. We presented him with all of his treatment plans and he was an interesting case because we started out with the dentures with him. Then we went to an over denture, a snap on type denture that comes off and ultimately, he ended up going to the all on X, with his disability and his nutrition requirements and the quality of life that they really wanted for him and he needed for himself after completing the latest procedure with the all on X, he said he wished he would have just went ahead and did it the first time. It has absolutely change his life for the better. His wife says he is so much more happy and positive and smiles now and just loves to eat again. He’s got a small part of his life back that he had been missing.


I didn’t care for the dentures. They’re too cumbersome. They have a thing that go over the roof of your mouth that implants don’t. You don’t talk the same. They don’t feel the same. You have to take them out and clean them and they’re gooey and icky. You’re drooling going to bed at night. With my brain injury, they’re too cumbersome, taking them out and cleaning them, and putting them back in, I just didn’t want to handle that and so we got our heads back together with the doctors and they made out this plan that I couldn’t believe and it was easy for me to make a decision, let’s jump in and let’s get it done.

Randy McHenry:

We did five implants on the maxillary or the top arch and four implants on the mandibular. So this procedure has allowed him to have his teeth fixed, secure in place, which gave him back the normal function, the bite force and the chewing capacity that he had lost through missing all of his dentition.


The convenience of everything under this roof is probably one of their best kept secrets because I can’t drive. So my wife has to bring me here and everything was here. I don’t think they ever missed the promised deadline they give me and I can eat absolutely that I want. My mouth feels like a mouth. I just love them. I wished I did it 10 years ago.

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