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Dentures Aren’t the Only Solution

If you have a lot of missing or failing teeth, or if you already wear dentures, you may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed when you smile. You may be dealing with sore spots in your mouth from friction or a limited diet due to poor adhesion of your dentures. At Premier Choice Dental Center, we offer a huge variety of fixed and removable tooth replacement options for you to choose from. We even perform denture repairs in our in-house prosthetics laboratory in Belgrade, MT.

At Premier Choice Dental Center, we offer a huge variety of fixed and removable tooth replacement options for you to choose from.

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Comparing Fixed Teeth vs. Removable

There are generally two ways to replace missing teeth: fixed and removable solutions. Removable solutions include traditional dentures. These artificial teeth are set on a base that fits over your gums, but they only restore about 20% of your natural dental function, and they will naturally lose their fit as your mouth changes shape. Implant-supported dentures are attached by two or more surgical implants. They’re still fully removable, but they attach strongly to your jawbone and provide much more support for your mouth. Partial dentures snap on to your remaining teeth using a metal framework to keep it firmly in position.

Fixed dental replacements, on the other hand, are permanently implanted into your mouth. These full mouth dental implants are permanently supported by titanium or zirconia posts that are implanted directly into your jawbone or your zygomatic bone. Not only do they restore up to 98% of your biting and chewing power, and strongly limit jawbone recession, they last a lifetime! You’ll be able to eat without limitations and smile with confidence once more.

We want you to choose the best option for your mouth. You can schedule a consultation with us to discuss your treatment plan and find out what Premier Choice Dental Center can do for you.

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Implant Supported Dentures

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Talks About Implants vs Dentures: What's Best For You?

Your Fixed and Removable Tooth Replacement Options

Partial dentures allow you to replace multiple missing teeth with removable teeth, all at the same time! They have a metal framework that clasps onto your remaining teeth, keeping the replacements firmly in position.
Traditional snap-in dentures are generally made from acrylic. They are quick and economical, but they often loosen or fall out with time, and they require adhesive to stick to the inside of your mouth. If your dentures don’t fit anymore, consider bringing them in for a repair at our state-of-the-art dental laboratory in Belgrade, MT.
Implant-supported dentures are made from porcelain or acrylic. They are supported by two or more titanium or zirconia posts that are implanted into your mouth, but still fully removable for cleaning and maintenance. They improve the health of your jawbone compared to traditional dentures, and they provide greater stability when chewing.
These fixed prosthetic bridges of teeth are permanently supported by four or more dental implants, which are surgically attached to your jaw. This restores more than 98% of your original biting and chewing power, enabling you to eat an unlimited diet, while also preventing jawbone loss. You care for dental implants just as you would care for your natural teeth.
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Dental Implant Care from Experienced Oral Surgeons

Our dental implant providers in Belgrade, MT, have decades of experience installing dental implants. Even if you were previously told you were a bad candidate for implants due to jawbone recession, Dr. Bannion has extensive training in zygomatic and pterygoid implants, meaning that dental implants may yet be in your reach!

With our state-of-the-art technology and in-house dental laboratory, we provide cutting-edge surgery while keeping treatment as gentle as possible. This ensures the best possible long-term outcomes for your dental implant surgery. The process begins with your consultation, where we discuss your ultimate goals for your smile and take detailed scans of your mouth. After this personalized evaluation, you’ll undergo any preparatory treatments you need, such as bone grafting or tooth extraction. If you have gum disease, we’ll also need to address that before your surgery.

We then complete your dental implant surgery in our Belgrade, MT office while you’re comfortably sedated. In most cases, we can provide temporary replacement teeth on the same day as your surgery! Once you’ve had the chance to heal, we’ll create your final set of replacement teeth in our laboratory. This set of teeth will be customized to fit you exactly: not only will the fit be one-of-a-kind, but the color and shape of the teeth will coordinate with your skin tone and lips! Once this restoration is attached, you can take care of it as you would your natural teeth.

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You don’t have to miss out on dental implants because of the higher initial cost. We invite you to schedule your consultation today, to learn more about all your options.

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We believe that dental implants should be within reach for all our patients. That’s why we have partnered with multiple dental financing companies to help break the cost of implants down into manageable payments. The process is easy and fast, and in many cases, patients receive instant approval! You don’t have to miss out on dental implants because of the higher initial cost. We invite you to schedule your consultation today, to learn more about all your options.

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If you are missing all your teeth, you probably might be thinking about getting dentures. Or maybe you are already wearing dentures but are wondering if there is any better alternative. Whatever your situation may be, we have a solution.


Owing to the advancement in dental sciences, long gone are those days where the only option for replacing all your missing teeth was traditional removable dentures. Now, you can get more permanent and efficient teeth replacement solutions with implant-supported dentures, also known as snap-in dentures, available at our dental clinic.




Traditional dentures are fitted directly over your gums and rely heavily on the support and structure of the jawbone. This makes them prone to slipping out at unfortunate times and compromises your ability to chew and speak properly.


This is where implant-supported or snap-in dentures come to the rescue. Unlike traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures provided by our excellent dentist take the support of dental implants.


Dental implants are titanium fixtures shaped like a screw and are surgically placed into the jawbone. These implants are left in the jawbone for 3-6 months, during which they integrate with the jawbone and acts as a tooth root. Once healed, the abutments are placed, and your jaw impressions (dental impressions) are taken.


We send these jaw impressions to a dental laboratory where your supported dentures are designed and made. Once the dentures are ready, we will call you for your final appointment, where our dentist will fix your dentures over the implants—the dental implants placed by our dentist act as a sturdy foundation for the denture placement.


Our clinic provides removable and fixed implant-supported dentures. With removable implant-supported dentures, you will have to remove the dentures every night before you sleep and ensure that you clean them before wearing them.


These dentures, once placed, securely sit on the implants with no risk of falling off. Fixed implant-supported dentures, as the name suggests, are screwed over the implants. Once placed, you would not have to worry about taking them out or putting them back as they are firmly secured to dental implants.





The biggest drawback of traditional dentures is that it compromises chewing abilities as well as speech. However, this problem no longer exists with implant-supported denture treatment done at our dental clinic. These dentures can sustain the normal chewing forces, ensuring that you can eat all your favorite foods. These dentures are also much less bulky, ensuring that your speech is restored to as it was before.



Implant-supported or snap-in dentures are more stable and reliable than traditional removable dentures. They do not become loose while eating or talking.



Once you have lost all your teeth, the jaw bone begins to shrink as the teeth’ root no longer stimulates the bone. The jawbone will continue to shrink; this will change the facial proportions and change how the facial skin wraps around the bone. Soon, you will notice facial sagging.


However, with our implant-supported dentures, you will never have to face this problem. Implants are screwed into the bone and continue to stimulate it; this stops the process of bone shrinking. This ensures that your facial proportions remain the same and you have a youthful appearance.



Implant-supported dentures look much more natural and aesthetically pleasing in comparison to traditional dentures. Our patients also have shared with us that implant-supported dentures are much more comfortable than traditional ones.


So, what are you waiting for? Get on your journey to a beautiful smile with our implant-supported denture treatment. If you have any more questions or would like to know more, contact us, and our fantastic team of dental professionals will be there to assist you.


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