Fun Things To Do In Bozeman, Montana

Fun Things To Do In Bozeman, Montana

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Bozeman has nestled away in the middle of the Rocky Mountains and surrounded by magnificent natural landscapes, scenery, and sights. Located in Montana’s southwest, Bozeman is the perfect place to travel to if you prefer great outdoors as the place boasts amazing skiing, wildlife watching, and hiking. Here are the fun things to do while in Bozeman, MT.


Wander around the Main Street, Downtown Bozeman

222 Eat Main Street, Bozeman, MT 59715

406-586-4008 With boutiques, shops, arts, and eateries to explore, Main Street epitomizes the culture of Bozeman. Aside from the storefronts that maintain the busy sidewalks, it is also the combination of the college atmosphere and interesting culture of Old West that makes the area fun to check out. Live events like the famous “Music on Main” during summer create even more lively vibes on Main Street. Popular places to eat include Nova Cafe and Mackenzie River Pizza Company. Local and unique specialty shops that offer vintage and new timepieces such as the Last Wind-Up are also one of the highlights of Main Street.

Visit the Museum of the Rockies

600 W. Kagy Blvd., Bozeman, MT 59717


Museum of the Rockies is popular for its large-scale collection of dinosaur fossils. The museum unearths an extensive scale of scientific insights on the region of Rocky Mountain. Affiliated with the Smithsonian and Montana State University, several of the permanent exhibits at the museum include the Paugh History Hall, the Martin Children’s Discovery Center, and the Siebel Dinosaur Complex. Visitors can get a glimpse of one of the most complete skeletons of Tyrannosaurus rex that are ever recovered. Moreover, the museum also houses the region’s native culture and provides lecture series, planetarium shows, and summer camps.

Have fun at the Bridger Bowl Ski Area & Big Sky Resort

Big Sky Resort

50 Big Sky Resort Rd, Big Sky, MT 59716


Bridger Bowl Ski Area

15795 Bridger Cayon Rd, Bozeman, MT 59715


One of the huge parts of the culture in Bozeman is the winter alpine activities. Big Sky Resort is located an hour away from the south of Bozeman and presents internationally acclaimed snowboarding and downhill skiing dispersed on almost 6,000 acres of terrain and four mountains. During the long winter, the consistent snowfall and abundance of winter events make this resort one of Montana’s best ski resorts. For shorter commute and local flavor, Bridger Bowl Ski Area is another best ski resort located on the north of Bozeman. The place offers roughly 2,000 acres of skiable area for beginners and experts to explore. Bridger Bowl features two lodges, eight lift chairs, and consistently a host of community members of Bozeman and students of Montana State University.

Watch out for Grizzly Bears at Montana Grizzly Encounter

80 Bozeman Hill, Bozeman, MT 59715


Montana Grizzly Encounter support bears who would not the wildlife and/or were born into captivity. They provide a safe habitat for bears to grow healthy and happy. The area was founded in 2002 when the Naturalist of the National Geographic Wildlife, Casey Anderson, adopted a bear named Brutus from an overpopulated wildlife park. Now, aside from the big Brutus, six more grizzly bears were adopted and brought into the park. Montana Grizzly Encounter strives to maintain the quality of life of the bears and offers public education on cohabiting with the resident wildlife of Montana.

Explore the M Trail

Bridger Drive, Bozeman, MT 59715


It’s impossible to miss the M Trail while visiting Bozeman. Posted high on the Bridger Canyon’s ridgeline, the 250-foot trail was built by Montana State University students in 1915. The trail also serves as the city’s symbol and the University’s pride point. M Trail includes two short hiking trails which lead up to adjacent sitting benches and the huge vivid white “M”. It is also a famous spot for watching sunsets and enjoying picnics over the valley.

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