Best Sites To See In Belgrade, Montana

Best Sites To See In Belgrade, Montana

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Perceived as the hidden gem of Montana’s Gallatin County, Belgrade is a charming, small town undertaking constant development. The town offers an abode to wanderers, adventure seekers, and soul searchers. Belgrade, despite being a small town, surely compromises for its size by providing tourists a very enjoyable experience. Here are some of the best sites to see and visit in and around Belgrade, Montana.


Lewis & Clark Caverns Park

25 Lewis & Clark Caverns Rd, Whitehall MT 59759

(406) 287-3541

Lewis & Clark Caverns Park, located 40 miles from Belgrade, is the best-known and first state park in Montana which features one of the most adorned caverns located in the Northwest. The amazing cave lines with stalagmites, helictites, stalactites, and columns are safe to visit, air-conditioned naturally, and electrically lighted. A nature trail above ground offers opportunities to examine and appreciate the natural surroundings. The park also includes picnic sites, camping bins, firewood, a group use area, camping grounds, hiking trails, toilets, showers, and many more. Pets are also allowed if under control and on a leash. Museums and golf courses are available nearby in Whitehall and Three Forks.


Madison River Brewing Company

20900 Frontage Rd, Bldg B, Belgrade, MT 59714

(406) 388-0322

When in Belgrade, the Madison River is a must-visit place and known as every man’s paradise. Established in 2004, the name of the brewery came from the Madison River that obtained the standing as one of the world’s best places to fly-fish and is situated in the backyard of the brewery. The beers they served left impressive impacts on their visitors for their great taste. Tourists can stop by their taproom located in Belgrade for a tasting or buy great brews at various locations all over Montana, North Dakota, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Sentinel Ranch Alpacas

3765 Sales Rd, Belgrade, MT 59714

(406) 577-4310

Sentinel Ranch offers the best alpaca experience of your life. Their alpaca ranch tours include petting, hand-feeding, and comprehending the lives of the alpacas. They provide fun activities on the ranch like walking to the alpacas for photos and hand-feeding them with the ranch’s special grain blend. Alpacas information and their ranch life are also provided during the guided tours. Aside from that, visitors can enjoy the beautiful grounds, peaceful sceneries, and gentle animals on the ranch. The ranch store sells various alpaca-themed and alpaca fiber items such as vests, sweaters, socks, scarves, gloves, hats, cuddly stuffed animals, alpaca yarn, and more.

Rocky Mountain Rotors

45 Aviation Ln, Belgrade, MT 59714

(406) 579-9312

For someone who loves the feeling of thrill or for adventurers, Rocky Mountain Rotors’ helicopter ride will surely satisfy that appetite. While riding above Belgrade, you can indulge in the breathtaking beauty of wildlife and landscapes. The company provides a full range of services from photo flights, charters, real estate surveys, movie filming, private heli-skiing, and more. Moreover, they offer flight school classes, helicopter maintenance, repair, training, and inspection at a reasonable price.

Museum of the Rockies

600 W Kagy Blvd, Bozeman, MT 59717

(406) 994-2251

Twenty minutes away from Belgrade, the Museum of the Rockies is one of the finest history and research museums in the world. MOR is a non-profit, independent institution, a repository for federal and state fossils, Montana State University’s college-level division, and a Smithsonian Affiliate. The museum is renowned for housing a large-scale collection of dinosaur fossils which includes the fully-mounted T. rex skeleton. Museum of the Rockies delights visitors and members with world exhibits, planetarium shows, natural and regional history exhibits, benefit events, educational programs, insightful lectures, and camps.


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