If you are like millions of Americans and you have several missing, decayed or loose teeth, you may be a candidate for restoration of you smile with implant-supported bridges. With precise placement of implants and fabrication of a high-tech bridge, our dentists can restore the smile that you desire and return you to eating the foods that you love. This process is called by many names – All-on-4® implants, teeth-in-a-day, same-ay smile and more. If you are interested in smiling proudly and eating comfortably, call Premier Choice Dental Center at 406-813-8551 for your free consultation with Dr. John Bennion or Dr. Ryan Boswell to see how simple this process can be.

Snap-On Overdentures

If you currently have dentures you are aware that functioning with lower dentures can be difficult. If you have a denture that fits well but just won’t stay in place please see us for a consultation to see how implants can be used to snap your denture in place and hold it securely while you eat, laugh and smile. These implants can be placed at any time, whether you are having teeth removed now for a denture, or you have been wearing a denture for many years.