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Oral Surgeon Services: IV Conscious Sedation

Updated: Aug 24

With modern sedation dentistry, a trip to the dental office can be more relaxing than you might think. This may come as an especially good news to people who have been putting off needed treatment because of dental anxiety. For people who are anxious about dental procedures, IV Conscious Sedation may be an excellent option.

A combination of anti-anxiety and pain blocking medicine is administered directly into the bloodstream. So, it works very quickly to make you feel deeply relaxed and not bothered by what's going on. You may doze off, but most people can still understand and respond to the dentist during treatment. Yet, they often have little or no memory of the procedure after the fact and may feel as if they have slept through it. With IV Sedation, there are few side effects and quick recovery time.

Even when you have no recollection of your procedure, IV Conscious Sedation is not the same as general anesthesia. Whereas, IV Conscious Sedation provides a moderate level of sedation. General anesthesia acts on the central nervous system and renders a patient unconscious. General anesthesia may be necessary for complex surgeries, such as jaw reconstruction performed by oral surgeons who are extensively trained alongside anesthesiologists in a clinical setting.

Dental Oral Surgeons who offer in-office sedation are required to complete rigorous training in the latest techniques and technology for the safest and most effective treatment. People who suffer from dental anxiety often say that if they had known about IV Sedation earlier, they would not have put off their dental treatment for so long. Talk with your dentist to find out more about sedation options that may be right for you.

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